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Just Another Packing Post

Some of you have been patiently waiting for blog posts about our Viking River cruise through the south of France at the end of October 2016. I’ll begin those posts soon but we leave today for another epic adventure. We fly to Auckland, New Zealand where we will spend 5 days then depart for a 19-day cruise to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This is the longest trip we’ve ever taken and my friend, Gail, asked me to do a packing post to share what I’m taking in my carry-on suitcase for 27 days. So, I’m taking that challenge and I’m excited to show you what fits in a carry-on plus backpack for this trip.

A couple caveats are in order. First, we’ll be in the southern hemisphere where it’s summer and temperatures vary from the 60’s (16C) at night to the 70’s (23C) to upper 80’s (31C) in the daytime. Obviously and fortunately, lightweight clothing takes up less space. Second, we are eligible to have 2 bags of laundry done for us on the cruise ship, but I have no idea how many items that will be. Finally, my lightweight socks and undies dry quickly when hand washed.

The last time I did a packing post I forgot to mention sleepwear and a friend humorously pointed that out. Deb, I have a lightweight nightgown although no one is sharing our cabin on this trip so I don’t really need one. 😉

Here’s what I’m taking:

3 dresses to wear for dinner  (one is reversible so it’s really 4)

2 golf skorts that can be worn like shorts or to the dining room like a skirt

3 shorts–black, khaki, jean

1 legging

8 shirts that can be dressy or casual

7 panties

2 bras (wash 1 wear 1)

1 nightgown

2 work-out outfits

1 sweater, 1 athletic jacket, 1 rain jacket

2 swimsuits + cover-up

1 scarf that can be worn as a wrap

2 hats

too many shoes: 1 trainer, 1 walking sandal, 1 dressy flip-flop, 1 pool flip-flop, 1 water shoe


water bottle

2 cloth bags that roll up compactly to use for the beach or shopping


The dress in back is reversible


3 shorts, 2 skorts, 1 legging


8 versatile shirts


Raincoat, jacket, sweater (all black) + scarf


Shoes–all lightweight that take up little space

In my baggie of liquids, I have sunscreen (eco-friendly that we can wear in the water at the Great Barrier Reef), hairspray, jojoba oil, eye drops, perfume, mascara.

Toiletries such as hair brush, comb, bar soap (provided everywhere but I like my own), bar shampoo (same as soap reason), curling iron, electric toothbrush (we’ll buy full-size toothpaste and mouthwash when we arrive in New Zealand), small make-up bag

Medication bag including first aid items

Too much technology including laptop, Ipad, Iphone, kindle, extra battery pack, power cords, power strip (staterooms lack outlets), headphones, adapters for hotels in New Zealand and Singapore (onboard there are American outlets)

I rolled all the clothing. It takes up less space that way and minimizes wrinkling. Everything fit easily into my regulation size (22X14X9) carry-on suitcase. In fact, I had enough extra room that I considered throwing in an extra dress and shirt but I resisted. I packed the electronics and liquids plus a small purse into my personal item, a small backpack.


Everything in my suitcase with room to spare


Ready to go

I’ve never been short of clothing on a trip. In fact, I still seem to take an item or two that I don’t even wear. If necessary, there are stores everywhere including on the ship so I can always purchase what I need. I’ll report back at the end of this trip to let you know whether I had too much, too little, or the right amount. Meanwhile, feel free to weigh in. Do you think I’ll be horribly short of clothing options?






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Virginia Beach Family Tradition

Both my love of travel and my love of history stem from childhood travels. My maternal grandparents lived in Virginia so in the summer my parents piled us four kids into the station wagon and Dad drove from Wisconsin to the Blue Ridge Mountains in southern Virginia for a 2-week visit. Along the way, my mother, an avid antique collector, offered us kids a nickel for every antique shop we spotted and a full quarter if my father stopped. I loved poking around the musty old shops with my mother who could always be convinced to buy me an old book for a quarter, often a Nancy Drew mystery. We didn’t eat in many restaurants but my mother pulled an endless supply of pimento cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, and cold milk from the battered green Coleman cooler. After three days in the car squabbling with three of my four brothers, (the fourth came along after I was grown) we’d pull into Roanoke for an idyllic summer vacation, free to roam my grandparents’ neighborhood with little adult interference. This was heaven to me with the smell of boxwood wafting through the air, the soft sound of southern accents, and as much Dr. Pepper as we wanted to drink.   As a bonus during our stay, we’d sometimes take day trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Appomattox, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Virginia Beach. I have fond memories of all these places and the history I learned there.

After a long absence, in 1984, I was pregnant with my first child and I returned to Virginia with my husband to visit the Williamsburg area and Washington, DC, and introduce him to relatives in Richmond and Arlington. It was the beginning of a new family tradition.

Over the years, we returned again and again to Virginia with our children in tow to spend a week at Virginia Beach with my extended family and various friends, as well as visiting the historic sites, museums, and monuments in Washington, DC; Williamsburg; Yorktown; Jamestown; and numerous Civil War battlefields. I hope my children remember these childhood experiences as fondly as I do.

Last summer my older brother’s kids and their spouses organized a reunion of sorts. They are now married with children of their own and it was time for another generation to experience the beach. My youngest brother wanted to rent a house rather than our usual suites in the beachfront hotel area of Virginia Beach, so we searched across Rudee Inlet at Croatan Beach where we found two large houses across the street from the beach that would accommodate all 27 of us.

Jim and I headed south, picked up one son in Des Moines, (the other and his wife couldn’t make the trip this time), and stopped first in St. Louis to caravan with my youngest brother and his family. A stop in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory broke up the trip and was great fun for all of us.


Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory


Leah at the Louisville Slugger


3 J’s: Jonah, Jackie, and Jim.  Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play major league baseball.

We also found Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant and Bakery for lunch the second day on the road in Staunton, Virginia, which fed my nostalgia with a pimento cheese sandwich.


Mrs. Rowe’s in Staunton, Va


You can’t take these people anywhere


Pimento cheese sandwich YUM!

We were thrilled with our lodging choice on quiet Croatan Beach. With four bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths, there were plenty of beds for the 13 of us and enough bathrooms, too. The other house, a couple blocks south, was also outstanding with plenty of space for 14. Between the two houses and 8 nuclear families, we divided into teams to cook dinner on 6 nights for the entire group. The seventh night we all went out to dinner en masse to Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant, another family tradition.


Our place at the beach


Living room with two sofa beds




Back of the house with balconies for each bedroom


Backyard pool with the kids


Wisconsin brat night at the other house


My brother, Paul, shucking oysters for dinner on his night


Sister-in-law Sarah, grilling the oysters


The finished product–DELISH

Sadly, two of my brothers are already deceased but they loved the beach, too, so we brought them along in spirit.


My brothers, Bill and Collier, with their daughters, two of whom were on this trip with their families


My brothers, Stafford and Paul, at the beach

We had plenty to celebrate with Gavin’s birthday and the 4th of July.


Gavin’s birthday party


My son (in the middle) and nephews celebrating the 4th of July

Several mornings my brother, Stafford, and I rode our bikes about 3 miles north over the Rudee Inlet on General Booth Boulevard to the beachfront hotel area. We missed the action along the boardwalk and we ended up renting a suite at the Comfort Inn in addition to the houses on Croatan Beach.


Bike trail from Croatan Beach to Virginia Beach


View from the Comfort Inn


Virginia Beach morning view


Enjoying the view from our hotel

For this group of beach lovers, the real draw is catching the big waves for a great ride on a boogie board.


Watching for the right wave


Boogie Boarding


Riding the waves


Sand time


My son, Michael

The week went by way too fast and before we knew it, it was time to head for home. When we left, my brother, Paul, and his family decided to visit Jamestown Settlement, just 66 miles from Virginia Beach. We hadn’t been there since our own kids were small and we were eager to go again.

For anyone not familiar with Jamestown, Virginia, this was the first permanent English colony in America founded in 1607. The outdoor living history exhibits, including the Powhatan Indian Village, James Fort, and the Jamestown Settlement Ships were there when we last visited but they have since added a large museum with many exhibits incorporating authentic artifacts from the period. Both the museum and the outdoor living history exhibits are very child-friendly with demonstrations that appeal to kids and engage them in the presentations.


Replica dugout canoe the kids are encouraged to try in the museum at Jamestown Settlement


Filling their bags with corn for bartering at Powhatan Village


Trading their corn for goods at James Fort


They even have armor for visitors to try but you can’t shoot the cannon


Jamestown Settlement replica ships


Jonah trying out the bilge pump on one of the ships


Leah checking out a small bunk on the ship

After our visit to Jamestown Settlement, we headed for home in earnest. Until next time.


Based on events from July 2016.








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