The Adventure

We got out of Atlanta by the skin of our teeth.  The flight to Johannesburg on the following day was canceled and Delta texted passengers to advise them that they could fly on the 11th if they could get there.  Many appeared to have made the effort.

Meanwhile, I had selected our seats with one goal in mind…to have enough room to lay down and sleep during the 16 hour flight.

Tip:  In a 3 seat row, a couple can book the aisle seat and the window seat with an empty seat between you.  Normally, no one wants to book that seat between two people.  Unless it’s a full flight, often that seat will remain vacant giving you extra space.

I’ve tried this before in the middle section with four seats and just before the doors closed, two people got on with those seats in our row.  This time, I was sure that someone would have the seat between us because of the next day flight cancellation so imagine my surprise when the doors closed and NO ONE claimed that seat!  YES!!!

Well, the result was I actually laid down and slept great and Jim even took a turn laying down to sleep as well.  This 16 hour flight was less exhausting than an 8 hour flight to Europe.

Passport control and customs at Tambo, the airport in JoBurg, was quick and easy.  We took Gautrain into the city and walked to our hotel which is a short distance from the train station in Sandton.

Protea Hotel Balalaika Sandton is lovely.   Pictures from the lobby.


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2 thoughts on “The Adventure

  1. suzan

    So glad you had a safe and restful trip!  

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  2. Deb

    Looks awesome… Glad you had a great flight!

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