One More Puerto Aventuras Post

It’s time to move on. But before we do, I want to share several miscellaneous recollections from Puerto Aventuras.

Super Chedraui is the supermarket located outside the gates of PA, certainly within walking distance for us although the highway is rather busy.  They stock everything we needed including great fresh produce, wine, and beer. A word of caution: our debit card was skimmed probably at the ATM outside the store so be careful! If possible, get local currency from an ATM at a bank before you arrive because there are no banks in PA.

If the supermarket isn’t your thing, check out the farmer’s market held in the heart of PA on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The produce looked the same as the grocery store (and maybe it was) but it was a convenient location. This is cash only, however, so bring pesos.


Farmer’s Market in Puerto Aventuras


Lots of fresh produce

Speaking of food, the best thing I ate in Puerto Aventuras was the fresh dorado, aka mahi-mahi or dolphin fish, that we purchased at the marina directly from a fishing boat. For 350 pesos (about $18 U.S.) the three of us ate fresh fish for three meals. That’s just $2 per person per meal! The entertainment value of using my simple Spanish to talk him into selling us that fish and then watching him filet it before our eyes was worth every peso, too.


Fileting the dorado we purchased


Our first meal of fresh dorado

The restaurants in PA offer basic food for a decent price. If you’re a foodie, however, you may want to search further afield for that “to die for” dish. The fresh locally sourced fish is always a good choice but often under-seasoned. Ask for pico de gallo to add some flavor. That said, we discovered Restaurante Dos Aguas that served an excellent paella with an outstanding Spanish tempranillo wine. I hope it’s still open next time.


Fresh fish at the restaurant in the Omni Hotel


Paella at Restaurante Dos Aguas


Picaña a la piedra at Restaurante Dos Aguas


Tres amigos al Restaurante Dos Aguas

As we walked to the gates of PA to catch the Colectivo (bus) to Tulum for a day trip to the beach, we stopped to watch pétanque for a while. Pétanque is a French game, very similar to the Italian bocce. On our next visit, I want to find out more about opportunities to play.


Pétanque in PA

Speaking of our day trip to Tulum, we fell in love with the beach the previous year and went back for a repeat experience. Sadly, the restaurant where we rented beach chairs for the day no longer existed. After a thorough search, we settled for a recently opened replacement.


Beach chairs at Tulum available when you purchase food


Fish tacos—it’s what’s for lunch


Playa Esperanza at Tulum


Jim and Laura at the beach at Tulum

For Jim and Gail, the perfect ending to each day in Puerto Aventuras was a visit to Jesse Gelato, where they make their own delicious products. I think they tried something different each night but they would tell you it was all good with large portions at low prices.


As I review my recollections of Puerto Aventuras, I am reminded of the beautiful views, lovely beaches, balmy winter temperatures, and low-key atmosphere. I’m excited to return in January 2017.


Dawn breaks on our last morning in paradise


Based on events of January 2016.







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