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Some of you have been patiently waiting for blog posts about our Viking River cruise through the south of France at the end of October 2016. I’ll begin those posts soon but we leave today for another epic adventure. We fly to Auckland, New Zealand where we will spend 5 days then depart for a 19-day cruise to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This is the longest trip we’ve ever taken and my friend, Gail, asked me to do a packing post to share what I’m taking in my carry-on suitcase for 27 days. So, I’m taking that challenge and I’m excited to show you what fits in a carry-on plus backpack for this trip.

A couple caveats are in order. First, we’ll be in the southern hemisphere where it’s summer and temperatures vary from the 60’s (16C) at night to the 70’s (23C) to upper 80’s (31C) in the daytime. Obviously and fortunately, lightweight clothing takes up less space. Second, we are eligible to have 2 bags of laundry done for us on the cruise ship, but I have no idea how many items that will be. Finally, my lightweight socks and undies dry quickly when hand washed.

The last time I did a packing post I forgot to mention sleepwear and a friend humorously pointed that out. Deb, I have a lightweight nightgown although no one is sharing our cabin on this trip so I don’t really need one. 😉

Here’s what I’m taking:

3 dresses to wear for dinner  (one is reversible so it’s really 4)

2 golf skorts that can be worn like shorts or to the dining room like a skirt

3 shorts–black, khaki, jean

1 legging

8 shirts that can be dressy or casual

7 panties

2 bras (wash 1 wear 1)

1 nightgown

2 work-out outfits

1 sweater, 1 athletic jacket, 1 rain jacket

2 swimsuits + cover-up

1 scarf that can be worn as a wrap

2 hats

too many shoes: 1 trainer, 1 walking sandal, 1 dressy flip-flop, 1 pool flip-flop, 1 water shoe


water bottle

2 cloth bags that roll up compactly to use for the beach or shopping


The dress in back is reversible


3 shorts, 2 skorts, 1 legging


8 versatile shirts


Raincoat, jacket, sweater (all black) + scarf


Shoes–all lightweight that take up little space

In my baggie of liquids, I have sunscreen (eco-friendly that we can wear in the water at the Great Barrier Reef), hairspray, jojoba oil, eye drops, perfume, mascara.

Toiletries such as hair brush, comb, bar soap (provided everywhere but I like my own), bar shampoo (same as soap reason), curling iron, electric toothbrush (we’ll buy full-size toothpaste and mouthwash when we arrive in New Zealand), small make-up bag

Medication bag including first aid items

Too much technology including laptop, Ipad, Iphone, kindle, extra battery pack, power cords, power strip (staterooms lack outlets), headphones, adapters for hotels in New Zealand and Singapore (onboard there are American outlets)

I rolled all the clothing. It takes up less space that way and minimizes wrinkling. Everything fit easily into my regulation size (22X14X9) carry-on suitcase. In fact, I had enough extra room that I considered throwing in an extra dress and shirt but I resisted. I packed the electronics and liquids plus a small purse into my personal item, a small backpack.


Everything in my suitcase with room to spare


Ready to go

I’ve never been short of clothing on a trip. In fact, I still seem to take an item or two that I don’t even wear. If necessary, there are stores everywhere including on the ship so I can always purchase what I need. I’ll report back at the end of this trip to let you know whether I had too much, too little, or the right amount. Meanwhile, feel free to weigh in. Do you think I’ll be horribly short of clothing options?






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6 thoughts on “Just Another Packing Post

  1. Enjoy this adventure, it sounds like fun! I love your post and I agree- your shoes look like a great choice! One can never have too many pairs of shoes.

  2. Jerry and Kathy

    Have a wonderful trip.

  3. Sheryl

    Great post – I love to pack and love reading other people’s packing lists. That’s about what I packed for Italy two years ago and it was perfect. I checked a bag last year on the way to Malaysia (since I was staying in someone’s home and also was going to be bringing some gifts back) and that caused me to bring far more than I needed.

    I do, however, usually bring a small bag that I use coming home and check my carryon bag so I have room for the things I buy on the trip. You do a good job of carrying on both ways. I always come home with a few souvenirs of the trip (usually some clothes that I also wear there, a Christmas ornament to remind me of the trip, and a few other things that catch my eye). I have two things that I always pack wherever I am going: a sarong (that I can use for the beach, picnic, or a scarf) and a pair of jeans (which I sometimes wear instead of packing). I know jeans are heavy but I just feel lost without them 🙂

    You really do have great, lightweight clothes for travelling. Great travelling wardrobe!

  4. Deb

    Your packing is awesome!! We spent 6 weeks in New Zealand and Australia as our retirement trip. That was about 2 weeks too long for us. Your trip sounds amazing. We have Southeast Asia on our bucket list so will be anxious to hear about your adventures. Travel safely and enjoy!
    Deb and Dan

  5. You really are an amazing packer. I almost always overpack. I need to take tips from you! I am thrilled about your trip down under. We LOVED New Zealand–found the people to be amazingly friendly and kind there. Australia–well–you will love the variety of this country I am sure and I know that you will have some amazing adventures. Have fun and I can’t wait to follow your posts once you start them!

    • Thank, Beth Ann. We’re having a grand time in New Zealand and yes, the Kiwis are the nicest people! Boarding our ship today to sail up to the Bay of Islands then on to Australia.

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