That’s Entertainment — Norwegian Star Style

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We usually take in the entertainment in the main theater every night while on a cruise ship. It’s not always great entertainment but it’s generally good enough entertainment and it doesn’t cost anything extra so why not? The night they had a hypnotist on the Norwegian Star, however, I said maybe we should skip it. I’ve been hypnotized several times so I just knew I’d end up on stage. Jim said, “Oh, come on, it’ll be fun” so I relented and off we went.

The hypnotist did his thing and sure enough, I was the first one selected and ended up center stage.


Let me tell you about my experiences with hypnosis. I’ve laid down with my head on one chair, my feet on another with nothing in between, a person placed on top of me, and the hypnotist standing on top of both of us. That’s the most remarkable feat, but I’ve done plenty of silly things like acting as if the person next to me on stage smells really bad, etc. This time I was the last person on stage because the hypnotist told me I was stuck to the chair and although I needed a restroom badly, I couldn’t get up from the chair until either he or the cruise director shook my hand. So I squirmed and crossed my legs and asked the cruise director if I could leave but stayed stuck to my chair until he finally shook my hand at which time I left the stage.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, hypnosis is “a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration.”  That sounds benign, don’t you think? So, how does hypnosis feel, you ask? I feel totally in control; I believe I could leave the stage if I wanted; I feel relaxed and cooperative. I would never do anything I wouldn’t do ordinarily but I feel like it’s important to go along with the show so the hypnotist doesn’t look bad. In a later seminar, the hypnotist, TerranceB, confirmed that’s exactly how he feels when hypnotized. He said anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing and not fearful of it. While under hypnosis I am aware of what is happening and I remember everything afterward. I also feel refreshed after the experience and sleep incredibly well that night. I don’t know why I’m such a good subject but a therapist friend said I’m likely highly suggestible. Somehow, I’m not sure that sounds like a good thing.

Other entertainment in the Stardust Theater included a tribute act to Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons, an outstanding acrobatic aerial show, a lot of comedy acts including Second City, comedy with magic, a comedy juggler, (both of these last two were MUCH better than they sound), and several performances by the Norwegian Star Production Cast and Show Band. Photography isn’t allowed so I only have pictures of the theater and us.

Stardust Theater on the Norwegian Star

Stardust Theater on the Norwegian Star

Stardust Theater on the Norwegian Star, 2014

Stardust Theater on the Norwegian Star, 2014

There is also lots more entertainment, music, and dancing in lounges and bars throughout the ship until late into the night. I rarely make it past 10 p.m. so I missed most of that but I did make it a priority to dance a few nights.

Dancing in the Spinnaker Lounge

Dancing in the Spinnaker Lounge

We’re not big gamblers but the casino onboard any ship usually sees a lot of action. This ship actually struck me as having somewhat fewer gamblers than usual. I’ll play a few penny slots but I haven’t struck it rich yet.

Slots in the Casino

Slots in the Casino

There’s plenty of daytime entertainment all over the ship as well, including game shows, bingo, trivia, dance lessons, and more. The ice sculpting on the pool deck was fascinating to watch even though I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t remember the finished product.

Ice carving emonstration

Ice carving demonstration

My friend, Lori, and I went to a French wine tasting that was well worth the extra charge and the sommelier was very knowledgable and engaging. He was generous with his pours, too.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting

One of my favorite shows was the Norwegian Star Crew Show. Crew members from all over the ship displayed a variety of amazing talents. But the final act, Fountains, performed by the cruise director and his staff, was absolutely hilarious. Dressed in sheets to look like Greek performers, they spit streams of water all over each other and the stage as they imitated fountains in a very funny and creative show. Photographs were allowed and encouraged for this particular show.


Fountains on the Norwegian Star

Truly, there are so many competing entertainment options while on a cruise ship that the challenge is to pick the ones that interest you most. Just be sure to check out what they have to offer. You’ll be glad you did.


Based on events of November, 2014

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4 thoughts on “That’s Entertainment — Norwegian Star Style

  1. Sounds great and really varied – nice to go and see things you might not normally choose! I’ve been to see hypnotist shows a couple of times and always wondered what it felt like to go under – I’m a bit of a scaredy cat so really interesting to know!

    • As long as you don’t mind looking silly, there’s really nothing to it. I was glad to hear the hypnotist say my reaction was typical, however, as I have wondered.

  2. This sounds so fun! I hope to go on a cruise someday! I have tried being hypnotized once but it didn’t work haha!

  3. We love cruise entertainment too! The folks that do the ice sculpting are amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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