Where in the World?

Where I’ve Been
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Disclaimer: This map shows countries I’ve visited but I haven’t been to every area of each country. For example, I’ve been to every state in the U.S. but I’ve only been to Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia in Canada.


2 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. Bonnie

    So much enjoy your blogs. You travel the way we like best……independently. We have also done many tours, land and water though no open water for this green first mate! We love to see what adventure each day and trip may bring. Our last “best ever” trip was September/October 2017 to England where we did Cotswolds, five day boat rental on Oxford Canal and ended with three days in London. We choose the location due to an incredible two day Delta sale to UK. No plans. Booked for a two week trip and later filled in the blanks. If you haven’t already we think you would really like a canal boat rental. Many canals to choose from. My husband didn’t want to do the Canal and this was to be my “one chance”, but before we were half way through the days he was already talking about the next Canal we would cruise! Our home airport is also MSP.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. We met a fellow a couple of years ago on a cruise who told us about canal cruising in France. I would love to try that! My husband isn’t as enthusiastic either but I think, in the end, like your husband, he would love it. Thanks for planting the seed.

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