Up, Up, and Away

The only thing I’ve ever heard Jim mention that he would like to do that we haven’t already done is take a hot air balloon ride.  This opportunity was offered at Vuyani and I was determined that Jim would have this experience.  I, however, have NEVER wanted to go up in a hot air balloon.  The policy was that at least 2 people had to book the trip so I said I would do it, only if I was needed to make it possible for Jim.  When we arrived that morning, I was delighted to see 7 other people had booked the flight so I expected I was off the hook.  When I found out, however, that we would have to pay for 2 unless we canceled a day in advance, I wasn’t going to pay for something I didn’t do.  So, in spite of great anxiety, I went along.  It was AWESOME and I’m glad that we had this experience together.    





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