Walk on the Wild Side in Mexico

I was surprised by some of the wildlife I saw around Puerto Aventuras. I’ve been to the Yucatán Peninsula before and naturally I’ve seen plenty of geckos, iguanas and even a cucaracha or two. Incidentally, I’m a screamer. If I see a bug, especially one like a cockroach, I’m very likely to scream.  At home I have an exterminator once a month, not because we have bugs but because I don’t ever want to see a bug in my house.  On this trip, however, I saw some animals totally unfamiliar to me so I had to consult Michaelpedia. Michaelpedia is my son, Michael, who has been an expert on animals since he was a small child. When I saw a strange animal, I texted a picture to him and soon had reply with the name.

But first, let’s see the ordinary ones. Dolphin Discovery drew a lot of interest from children and adults who want to swim with the dolphins. I’m not a fan of keeping dolphins in captivity but I did take a photo.

Dolphin at Dolphin Discovery, Puerto Aventuras

Dolphin at Dolphin Discovery, Puerto Aventuras

As we explored the beach and area around our condo, we encountered iguanas languidly sunning themselves.



One morning, I was up early having my coffee alone on the balcony when I saw this pair on the lawn below me.


At first, I thought they were rabbits but when they moved I knew they were something else. I sent the photo to Michaelpedia and learned that they were agoutis, rodents that are native to this area. To see them in action, watch the video.

Then on our visit to Tulum, we spied this creature which necessitated another text photo to Michaelpedia to determine that it was a coatimundi, from the raccoon family. You can see a second one just emerging from the jungle. The woman ill-advisedly luring them with food from the jungle didn’t warrant a picture, however. I hope she didn’t get bit but why do people do that stupid stuff?



I tried to get a photo of the gecko that Jim inadvertently brought in from the balcony after it dropped on his iPad but the fellow was too quick for me. I would also have loved to get pictures of the sea turtles at Akamal but the crowd of humans swarming in the water made the prospect of snorkeling in that area most unappealing. I’m just happy to have digitally captured some of the amazing wildlife we encountered while in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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10 thoughts on “Walk on the Wild Side in Mexico

  1. Iguanas fascinate me – we have (too many) pictures of them from all angles! Never heard of some of those other creatures, very intriguing and very lucky you have a clever son to call upon!!

  2. Sheryl

    While at the Garrafon (natural reef park at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres) a number of years ago we saw these interesting animals that looked like a cross between a raccoon and a monkey. We asked the locals (in Spanish) what they were called and they said “chulo”. We called them that for years before I mentioned them to a Mexican student of mine who told me that chulo translated as “cutie”. Apparently Chulo was the name the licals had given to the coatimundi. So I learned something new today, thanks, and thank Michael!

  3. Love your wildlife pictures and video. What fun. I am always amazed to see what other areas offer in terms of wildlife and am one of those who is always trying to capture the perfect image. However I do not lure them out like the “ill advised woman” you referred to. After all–they are wild animals, right? I am glad you have a Michaelpedia to help with identification. I have my own–Markapedia–my brother who is a wildlife biologist and birder and I rely on him for identification. Fun post. Thanks for sharing! I love Travel Tuesdays!

    • Thanks, Beth Ann. Wildlife doesn’t always cooperate for photography, does it? It’s so fun when you “get the shot.”

  4. Beautiful! It’s been years since I’ve been to Mexico. I love your pics 🙂

  5. The agoutis are fascinating – I had never heard of them before. I thought they looked a bit like small dogs from a distance good thing your son knew what they were! 🙂

    • I’m not a big fan of rodents, in general, so I was somewhat disturbed by that knowledge! My son says they’re not aggressive so I’m trying to like them.

  6. “and” these look rather large I meant to say – excuse the typo!

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