Packing for a 2 week cruise

Seriously, I can’t believe what fits into a 22 x 14 x 9 carry on suitcase.  For a 2 week cruise through the Panama canal, this is what I packed.

10 tops

10 tops

3 hats

3 hats

2 swim suits, 1 cover up

2 swim suits, 1 cover up

2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 pair leggings

2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 pair leggings

2 sets workout clothes

2 sets workout clothes

3 sweaters, wind jacket

3 sweaters, 1 wind jacket

3 shorts, zip off pants, skort

3 shorts, 1 zip off pants, 1 skort

5 pairs shoes

5 pairs shoes

So how does all of this fit in a 22X 14 X 9 suitcase?  2 tips: select lightweight, super thin garments (except for the denim shorts) and roll everything. Rolled items can fit into nooks and crannies in the suitcase and rolling minimizes wrinkling as well.

rolled clothes

rolled clothes in my suitcase

I also have 8 panties, 2 bras. 2 light scarves, and 4 pairs of socks tucked in here.  I plan to wash underwear at some point and there’s a line in the shower on most cruise ships to hang them. (TMI?) Make sure anything you plan to wash is lightweight and dries quickly.  Honestly, this is WAY more than I normally take on any trip of any length. Ordinarily, I would take half this much.  On a cruise, however, you don’t have to keep carting your stuff around. You board the ship and your bags stay put for the duration. It’s also dressier than most of our travels. We dress for dinner and a 2 week cruise includes a lot of dinners. Because all my clothes essentially mix and match, I have nearly limitless combinations.

In my personal item which is a lightweight back pack, I have:

1 ipad + keyboard

1 kindle

1 small purse

bag of toiletries

bag of meds

empty water bottle

deflated blow up neck pillow

Additional advice:  wear your heaviest and bulkiest items.  I’m wearing yoga pants, shirt, jacket, scarf, and tennis shoes on the plane.  I often get chilly while flying and it’s good to dress in layers so you can put on and take off clothes as needed in flight.

Happy Cruising!





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7 thoughts on “Packing for a 2 week cruise

  1. Super post!!!! I am definitely sharing!! I think it is so much easier to pack when you know you are going to be in basically one climate! I hate the sweater bulk and jacket you have to have at some point when you are in different weather conditions! You rocked this, Laura!!

    • Thanks, Beth Ann. I had several challenges posting from my iPad so I’m just relieved to get it out there. The photos consistently loaded in the wrong order so apparently I have a learning curve to deal with. I have an awesome post on the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro if I can get the kinks worked out!

      • I am so bad at using the iPad to make posts—-I usually just give up because I just am never happy with the way it is working. Maybe you and I both need a class on using WordPress on iPads!!!

  2. Sheryl

    Great post Laura! I love packing…. early and careful packing stretches out the enjoyment of the trip. Do you pack a camera or do you just use your phone?

    • Just my phone, Sheryl, but I’ve wondered if I should invest in a good camera. Do you have one?

      • Sheryl

        Yes, I have a nice camera, but it is big and I also have a wide-angle lens that I like to bring so sometimes I bring it and sometimes I don’t. I never had a smart phone until this summer so I also have a very nice smaller camera that I sometimes bring.

  3. Anonymous

    We’re those bag measurements in feet?

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