Behaving Badly in Puerto Aventuras

We enjoyed our week in Puerto Aventuras on the Mayan Riviera of Mexico in January 2015 so much that we returned in January 2016 and extended our stay to two weeks. (If you want to read my previous posts about Puerto Aventuras, check posts from February and March 2015.) In the several days before our friend, Gail, joined us, we got reacquainted with Puerto Aventuras; walked to the grocery store, Super Chedraui, to stock up on essentials; discovered a Starbucks; and even found a Zumba class.


View from our condo


View of Dolphin Discovery from Hoo Haa Restaurant


Sea Lions at Dolphin Discovery


Marina at Puerto Aventuras


Cannon outside the National Museum of Underwater Archeology


Marina at Puerto Aventuras


Our condo at Chac Al Hal is on the right side upper 2 floors


No explanation required


Beach in front of our condo




Guacamole on the balcony


Iguana sunning itself


Party boat leaving the marina


Dinner at Dos Chiles





Knowing  our friend, Gail, wouldn’t care to accompany us, we decided to take a bus tour to Chichen Itza before she arrived. We booked our tour through Paradise Tours located in the lobby of the Omni Hotel. For $85 per person, our package included narrated bus transportation, entrance to Chichen Itza with a guided tour, buffet lunch on the return trip, and a stop at a cenote for a swim. As it turned out, we got even more for our money.

A 12 passenger van picked us up promptly at the Omni and then picked up another couple at a nearby resort. The driver stopped next at Barceló Resort but the passengers were not waiting. What?!!? The driver got on his phone, drove around the resort a bit, waited some more, walked around looking for them, walked inside the resort lobby, and phoned some more. Meanwhile, we were worried we’d miss our connection with the tour bus and I was getting more annoyed by the minute. This is why I usually avoid tours; there’s always someone that keeps the group waiting.

When the young couple finally appeared a half hour late and climbed into the van laughing and chatting, oblivious to their inconsideration, something in me snapped. Honestly, if they had apologized or seemed contrite or abashed, I’d have swallowed my irritation but instead, I blurted, “I hope you were sick in the bathroom and aren’t just an a**hole making us wait.” Oops. I couldn’t believe I’d said it. The words just escaped from my mouth. My bad. And their bad certainly didn’t excuse my bad.  I heard Pete, from the seat behind us, gasp and say quietly to his wife, “And you think I’m outspoken.”

Well, we made our connection with the bus but when we got there, the guide took us and the couple that made us wait aside. I thought, “Uh-oh, now what?” The guide told us that everyone else on the tour had paid more for their package which included breakfast and snacks and they would give us the same extras at no additional charge but not to say anything to the others. Then they seated us together, with a table between us facing each other. Awkward. I was somewhat embarrassed and when I introduced myself, my husband offered, “You can just call her A**hole.” Thankfully, that broke the tension and we had a pleasant 2-hour ride to Chichen Itza. We also enjoyed the additional perquisites including  Coronitas, little Coronas which are just the right size to take the edge off an awkward situation.


So tell me what you think. Whether you think I was horribly rude or just a little out of line, feel free to weigh in below in the comments. Has anything like this happened to you on a tour?

Up next time: Chichen Itza

Based on events from January 2016.


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12 thoughts on “Behaving Badly in Puerto Aventuras

  1. Anonymous

    The awkward moments in travel are what we all seem to remember the most. Dan and I would have thought what you said out loud. We’ve had that couple on our travels! In any event, when you want to escape the cold of Iowa in January – visit us in Florida! Would love to have you. Gail too – no bus tours….

    • Yes, I’ve thought it before, too, but have refrained from saying it. I hope I’m not becoming one of those old people that has no filter…

  2. Sheryl

    I think it’s cute how you thought the tour driver was going to say something to you about being late – you were in Mexico, Mexican Time is a half hour late! The other tourists were rude, and not Mexican, so I have no excuse for them. Remind me sometime to tell you the story about the priest in Mexico. It is Moira’s story (old book club member) and too long for me to type now (because like you I don’t like to keep people waiting) so I will tell you some other time or maybe type here if I have free time later today.

    • Sheryl

      A story that I share in Management class was from a reading group friend of mine whose cousin was a young Catholic priest that was sent to a parish in Mexico. One of the expectations, one of his duties, was to bless new homes, businesses etc… of the parishioners. One such parishioner was a bus driver and had a new bus that he wanted the padre to bless. They set up an appointment time and the priest was surprised that the bus driver never showed up. He waited a very long time (an hour at least) and the driver didn’t show up so the priest assumed something must have prevented him and just went home. The bus driver called a few days later and, not making any explanation for why he didn’t come the first time, set up a second appointment. Pretty much the same thing happened the second time but the priest only waited a half hour this time. Again, no excuse, no explanation. A few days later the bus driver came into the priest’s office at the Catholic church and asked the priest if he would be available to bless the bus right now, that the bus was outside. The priest was starting to feel that the parishioner, was maybe not respecting him because he was young and American, so even though he had time to perform the blessing right then he decided to make the bus driver wait (as the bus driver had made him wait on the prior two occasions), so priest told the bus driver that yes, he would bless the bus but that he would have to wait because he had some work that he must do first (he didn’t). The bus driver said that was fine and that he would be happy to wait and to just come outside when he was ready. So the priest pushed papers around on his desk and made a couple of phone calls that could have waited and when he decided that he had made his point and had taught the driver a lesson about making people wait the priest went outside to bless the bus. Much to his surprise and embarrassment there sat the unairconditioned bus in the mid-day Mexican summer sun full of passengers waiting patiently for the bus to be blessed by the priest.
      I am timely and impatient, but I need to remind myself that is a cultural expectation that isn’t shared internationally 🙂

      • Interesting story, Sheryl. Maybe that’s why the driver waited for them. The late couple was from NewYork so I’m not sure what the cultural implications are but be sure to read next weeks post. There’s a funny twist ahead.

  3. Suzan

    You crack me up! I’d love to have seen the look on Jim’s face when you said that! And what response if any did you get from the late couple?

    • They didn’t say anything, just went to the back seat and sat down. We later found out they were taking the resort shuttle around Barceló to explore so they had no excuse whatsoever. Jim was shocked and appalled by my outburst. I was, too, in all honesty. But there is a funny follow-up in the next post so look for it.

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve heard this story before, but I didn’t recall the part about the other guy in the back of the bus saying “and you think I’m outspoken”. I laughed so hard I just sprayed spit all over my computer screen, which by the way looks like colored sparkles for a few minutes.

  5. I think I’d like to travel with you. It would not be boring, haha! I enjoyed meeting you this weekend in Des Moines at the conference 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie. We love to travel with people and meet people along the way. I enjoyed meeting you, too. It was my first conference but definitely not my last so we may meet again. Meanwhile, I’m headed over to your blog right now.

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